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Education and resume

Since 2009  Freelance photographer Art and Editorial
1999-2014   Gaffer and Assistant Camera on more than 25 Movie and TV productions
                   e.g. „Schultze gets the blues“ D 2003, „Estrellita“ Slo/D 2009
1996-1999   Electrician, Dolly Grip on international Movies and TV productions,
                   e.g. „Taking sides“(Director: Istvan Szabo)
1995-1998   Freie Universität Berlin (German language, Dramatics)
1988-1991   Professional Telecommunication Training and Secondary School


​Publications and jobs (selection)

2015/16     Guest lecturer for Lighting at Film University Babelsberg

2014          WeltTrends "DIE USA UND WIR", ISSN: 0944-8101,

                  Photo series on Israel and Westbank "AUF WÜSTE GEBAUT..." 

2013          Interiour/ exteriour photography, Im Jaich Wasserferienwelt,

                  Rügen Island, Germany

2011          Catalogue Anja Claudia Pentrop: „FAST AND FURIOUS“, Goldrausch Berlin,
                 ISBN: 978-3-941318-35-9, Photography
2011          „UMSTRITTENE BÜRGERSCHAFT“, booklet, University of Potsdam,
                 by H. Kleger , ISBN: 978-3-86956-109-7, Photography
2011          WeltTrends Magazine „FREMDE BÜRGER“ ISBN: 978-3-941880-20-7
                 Photo Series on migrants „ GENERATION 1+2“

2009         "SEE UND MEER 2010", Wall calendar


Projects and exhibitions (selection)


2014         "KEIN LEBEN OHNE WASSER", Group exhibition, Heidelberg, Germany

2014         „BRIDGE CONSTRUCTION IN MOSTAR", Documentary in preproduction

                 Scholarship holder of  DEFA-Stiftung Berlin

2013         "UNTER DER OBERFLÄCHE", Underwater Nature in East Germany,

                 Brandenburgische Vertretung, Berlin, Germany

2013         "UNTER DER OBERFLÄCHE", Underwater Nature in East Germany,

                 Naturkundemuseum, Leipzig, Germany

2013         "LANGE WEILE, POTSDAM" Solo exhibition, Belmundo Potsdam
2013         "GRAVITY KILLS" Solo exhibition, Potsdam
2012         „UNTER DER OBERFLÄCHE“, Underwater Nature in East Germany,
                 Main station, Potsdam, Germany
                 Group exhibition, Villa von Kleist, Potsdam, Germany
2011         „SCHLAATZ FÜR SOMALIA“ charity group exhibition,
                 Potsdam, Germany
2011         „COSMOPOLITAN UNIVERSITY“ Photographic frieze for University of                                  
Potsdam, Germany       
2011         „BELEZA DOCE E SALGADA“ underwater photography, solo exhibition
                 Galeria Paraiso, Ribeira Grande, Portugal
2010         „FÜRVIERWOCHEN“
                 Photographic design show, Potsdam, Germany
2010         „SEE UND MEER“
                 solo exhibition, City hall, Potsdam, Germany
2009         PAROL - Schals and Stories, Fashion underwater shoot
2006         „VIENS AVEC MOI“ Alphaknight, Music Video, Director of Photography
                 Short fiction, DP, Co-Writer
1998         „SOWJETMACHT PLUS ELEKTRIFIZIERUNG“ Video Installation
                 Schirrhof, Potsdam, Germany
1998         „DAS SPIEL VOM FRAGEN“ (Peter Handke),
                 Thea Theater Potsdam, Theatrical Lighting Design
1998         „THE GIRLS“, Sophiensäle, Berlin, Assistant Lighting
1995         "PULSAR 1133+16 NEUTRON STAR“ Multimedia Happening,
                 Project Management and Video Projection
1994-95    „EUTOPIA FESTIVAL“, Custodian and artistic Support, head: Rob Schrama, 
                 presenter: Town of Potsdam
1992-93    „CINEMANIA“ cinema, Management and Programming Waschhaus,
                 Cultural Center Potsdam

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