Driven by curiosity

Why be afraid of different subjects. Life is constantly delivering experiences and questions.

Photography is a common language to answer questions coming up with worldwide communication and migration. Besides it witnesses the changes in our local and our global world.

It is art, note, language and entertainment contained in framed cut-outs of reality.

Curiosity is able to cure prejudice and misinterpretations of what we have seen and heard.

In 2012 it became possible to update my underwater equipment. A stunning new universe appeared to me. A door had opened to a number of secrets I am surrounded when I dive. None of them exist without recording it. A huge wet space is my main photographic research field.

Second: Real travel is limited time migration. I travel because I have to. To be home bores me to the most. It is like time standing still and me caught within. Meeting people with different cultural background is a mirror reflecting myself. Even if it gets more complicated I prefer to adjust my common sense by that.  Globalization means an opportunity of understanding between people of different nations. Photography hands over the mirror to you.